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Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best for this New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that the new year has started well! On my end after the intense Panettone period, I have filled up my energy and prepared some new things for you which I hope you will like. So, ready? Let's go!

Happy New Year!

(January to June)

The dates of the 2023 workshops until June are now all published (apart from the new features that may arrive during the year). You will therefore find your favorite bestsellers, namely:

Sourdough bread sipping a glass of wine

This is the basic workshop in which you will learn all about sourdough from its maintenance to the making of a beautiful, airy sourdough bread. In addition, you leave with all the accessories necessary to make bread again at home and the workshop ends with an aperitif garnished with products from local artisans. In short, an ultra-friendly moment to learn all about sourdough bread! And to motivate the most hesitant, there is a special offer on workshops from January to March at 195.- instead of 220.-! There are still a few places left at this price for Saturday February 4th ;)

See dates here:

Brioches and Tresse

Oh how I love this course, so delicious and friendly! During this workshop, you will learn how to make a brioche, a chocolate babka and a buttery tresse, all so light and delicious that you will become totally addicted! All 100% natural sourdough, of course and concluded with a gourmet tasting accompanied by delicious hot drinks (cappuccino, various teas, homemade jams). You even leave with your own brioche and babka for Saturday afternoon tea and your own buttery tresse for Sunday breakfast. What else?

See dates here:

French Baguette and Ciabatta

Crunchy and crispy, that's how I would define this ultra-friendly workshop! Do you like crispy crusts, fresh bread dipped in olive oil as an aperitif or a really good airy baguette? Then this course is made for you, especially since it ends with a magnificent tasting of local products with my favorite wines! You leave of course with your own baguette and ciabatta prepared in class and the most? It's after work, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.!

See dates here:

Croissants and pain au chocolat

This is THE class you won't find anywhere else! 100% natural sourdough pastries, with an amazing taste of butter, crispy and handmade. You'll never buy croissants again! And did you know you can even freeze them to have them ready for Sunday? Anyway, my technique allows you to have your pastries ready and fresh for breakfast: 10 minutes of preheating the oven, 15 minutes of baking and...oops, there are already no more! I have 2 tickets left for this Saturday, January 28, and I'm offering you -10% on this date with the promo code CROISSANT28!

See dates here:

Sourdough and Wine

And to end on a high note, it's the great return of Levain & Le Vin afterwork that I'm offering you at least once a month all year round from now on! In collaboration with my talented partner winegrowers (Cave Joly, Domaine du Cotrable, Siwis Wine), I will teach you how to make your dinner aperitifs (focaccia, crackers, pita breads, grissini, all sourdough and tapenade & hummus), your 100% pizza sourdough or your sourdough burger buns and homemade ketchup. And it is during the cooking that the winegrowers will make you travel in their universe through a commented tasting of 4 wines. As usual, we will conclude our workshop by tasting the creations in a friendly atmosphere. Ideal for couples or boyfriends/girlfriends who love cooking and/or wine!

See dates here:

On the side of News: "VIP groups"

And for the novelty side, you now have the possibility of registering for VIP Groups linked to the course you have taken! In these groups which are directly accessible on my site, you can exchange with the other participants your successes, photos, the videos you made during the lessons and also ask questions! A way to extend the moment of conviviality that you will have shared between all of you ;-)

View VIP Groups here:

I hope that this news will delight you and I wish you in any case, a very happy new year!


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