Back to school!

Discover the new packs!

Back to school!

Indeed, after all these festivities and a few days of vacation for me (and for you too I hope!), it's time to get back to work for a new year full of energy, positivity (except for COVID ) and many news!

I will distill them to you throughout the year, but I can already tell you that I will introduce you to new partner wineries in just magical places, that there will be nice educational and gourmet outings and that we will crisp up our breakfasts with delicious sourdough pastries... But shh...! I say no more for the moment.

Let's get started with the first good news. So follow the guide... ;-)


Many of you have suggested it to me, so I am delighted to offer you the multi-course packs now!

The principle ? Simple. You buy a pack for 2 or 3 lessons and you benefit from an overall discount of up to 15%. The packs are valid between 4 and 6 months depending on the pack and you choose from which date you want to start it. Nice, right? I let you discover them in detail on the link below:


Yes, in order to project you and make sure you have acquired all the knowledge by your summer vacation, I have set the dates for all the workshops...until the end of June!

Sourdough bread sipping a glass of wine

Brioches & Tresse

Baguette & Ciabatta

From Home Workshops

Sourdough & Wine Afterwork

There is only the embarrassment of choice, so go quickly choose your favorite workshops :-)

I love this good news, how about you?

Have a good start to the year and see you soon,


for Your Own Bread