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Two good news !

I have two good news for you !

Two good news !

And of 1, yes, the From Home Workshops are back!

In this gray and cold month of November that makes us want to stay cosy at home, how about warming up a little with delicious cinnamon buns just out of the oven and topped with a melting vanilla icing. .?

So join me for a Special Gourmet Tea Time From Home Workshop during which we will prepare fondant cinnamon rolls and a spicy latte with almond vegetable milk and spice syrup, all homemade. sure !

No sanitary pass necessary because we will cook remotely via Zoom and then enjoy our preparations in a friendly atmosphere :-) No sourdough starter? No problem, I'll send you some free of charge by post on time for the workshop. All you have to do is indicate this when registering.

Yes I know, it makes your mouth water :-) So, please, go ahead!

And of 2, yes, there will be Panettone for Christmas!

I will communicate the opening date of the orders to you in my next newsletter but I can already tell you that there will be the following flavours:

- The Classic (organic home-made candied oranges and lemons and raisins with Amarone Grappa)
- Chocolate-Almonds (54% chocolate and toasted almonds & homemade pralines)

And of course, you will have them in time for Christmas.

I love these good news, do you?

See you soon,

for Your Own Bread

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