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Your Own Bread


Alexandra Russell

Hands in the dough, a background of music, a glass of wine, laughter and the satisfaction of having created your own bread, that's the Your Own Bread spirit.

Lawyer, psychologist and musician, passionate about gastronomy and certified in oenology, Alexandra is a true epicurean.


For her, the pleasure of creating and making bread with her own hands is a return to her roots and a re-connection with her deepest values.

Welcoming and sharing convivial, warm and gourmet moments, living a unique and creative experience, such is the atmosphere that Alexandra creates during her workshops.


Knead a dough, smell the smell of freshly baked bread and rediscover that unique and forgotten taste of sourdough bread that cracks but whose crumb melts in her mouth makes her simply happy.

With her workshops, Alexandra transmits this awakening of the senses and this love of good things to everyone, whatever their age.


Come discover the world of Your Own Bread .

Pain au levain aéré et tranché bien gonf

1163 Etoy, Vaud, Switzerland |

Phone: +41 77 815 52 88

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