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Sourdough aperitifs and wine tasting 

Do you want to have a good time, alone or with friends? Do you appreciate good wines and like to get your hands dirty?

So find out  after-work

“Sourdough & Wine”

a fun cooking workshop in collaboration with talented French-speaking winegrowers,  in which you will learn  all the secrets to make an extraordinary sourdough aperitif, made of focaccia , crackers , pita breads , grissinis  and other sourdough preparations. Share a convivial and gourmet moment, all accompanied by a commented tasting of wines selected and presented by our talented partner winegrowers Cave Joly (Lavaux) , Château d'Eclépens (Nord Vaudois) & Domaine du Grand Clos (La Côte)  !

Share a unique experience

Create with your hands

Tasting  local wines

The "After-Work"
Sourdough & Wine

The principle ?

2h30 to prepare sourdough aperitif dishes as a group and taste 4 wines with commentary by the winemaker. We finish by feasting on our preparations.


Shall we get our hands dirty?

After a welcome drink selected by the winegrower, hands in the dough with Alexandra from Your Own Bread who will teach you all the techniques to prepare Grissini, Foccacia, Crackers, Sourdough Pita Bread as well as delicious Spreads or so amazing wood-fired sourdough pizzas.


A privileged moment with the  winemaker

While the preparations are cooking, the winemaker will take you on a journey through the world of his wines by having you taste 4 wines selected from his nuggets.


Group tasting

Finally, it's time for the tasting of sourdough aperitifs in a friendly atmosphere.


You can even order or buy your favorite bottles directly from the winemaker!


The Levain & Le Vin workshops are an exclusivity of Your Own Bread

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