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Back to School!

I hope you had a rejuvenating summer and are full of energy to start an autumn that I wish us dazzling (before a "refreshing" winter, haha)!

From my end, in any case, I am filled up with energy and especially tried loads of new culinary experiences...some of which have already, or will soon, be transformed into new workshops! Yes, thanks to you who always push me to go further, I tested, tried, failed, tried again with enthusiasm and finally succeeded in preparing for you THE COURSE that you have been asking me for a long time (spoiler: no, it is not (yet) the Panettone course, sorry)! They are crispy, we eat them on Sunday mornings and they come from guessed it?

So as we say: "Back to School!"

Back to School!

Croissants & Pain au chocolat

Yes, you guessed right, I prepared the first 100% sourdough croissant and pain au chocolat course for you!

It took me a little while to finalise it and figure out how to teach you in 3-4 hours a delicacy that takes more than 24 hours to prepare, but I think you're going to like it.

In any case, at home now it's croissants and pain au chocolat every Sunday (guess who is very, very happy?!).

On the side of the good deals: "We come to two"

And for the good deal, I've prepared a new ticket for you: "We come to two" valid on all Sourdough Bread while sipping a glass of wine workshops until the end of December.

The principle: you find (or convince) your partner, a friend, your son-in-law, etc. to come with you and you both have a reduction of 25.- per ticket, i.e. 390.- for 2 instead of 440.-!

How do you like it ?

-15% on the online store (except gift vouchers)

You still have a few days left to take advantage of the summer offer of -15% on the online store, valid until August 31, 2022. Promo code: ETE2022 to enter at the time of payment!

Contact me if you're having troubles using it!

I hope that this news will delight you and I wish you in any case, a very good start to the new school year!

Have a great one!


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