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German-made pressed wood oval banneton.


Two sizes available:


  1. 500gr: the banneton received during the Sourdough Bread Workshop and for breads up to 500gr (23x12x7cm)
  2. 1kg: the larger version for breads up to 1kg (26x15x7 cm)


Please read the Maintenance Instructions below carefully.

Oval banneton

  • Please note that pressed wooden bannetons are never used for baking bread. They are only used to ferment the dough.


    The pressed wooden bannetons suit much to amateur bakers as classical cane bannetons for the following reasons:

    • Allows better heat storage ;
    • Easier release of the dough because it does not get stuck in the grooves of a classic cane banneton ;
    • Better absorption of moisture from the mold which facilitates the fermentation of the dough ;
    • Easy cleaning of the banneton by simple brushing.

    Before first use:

    Your banneton is ready for immediate use. You can brush it again briefly before sprinkling the inside with the rice flour.


    After use:

    The bannetons are only intended for fermenting the dough and should not be baked. The banneton used has accumulated some of the dough water during fermentation and is therefore moist. Before storing your banneton, you must dry it thoroughly to prevent mold growth.


    To do this, place the individual banneton in the hottest and most ventilated place possible for 24h before being thoroughly brushed to remove excess flour. You can also use the residual heat from the oven after the bread is baked to speed up drying. At around 100-120 degrees Celsius for 30min, the bannetons dry faster without being damaged and at the same time all germs are killed. However, watch your banneton to prevent it from catching fire.



    The bannetons shall not be cleaned with water. After the drying process described above, brush the banneton using a hard brush.


    We also have in our range of accessories particularly suitable brushes with an extended bristle side.


    You can safely stack the completely dried and cleaned bannetons on top of each other and store them in a space-saving manner. However, we recommend that you choose a warm, dry location for storage.

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