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A big THANK YOU (and Happy Holiday to you!)

This year has been a special one for me...

 A big THANK YOU (and Happy Holiday to you!)

After 4 years as a business owner, I was really tired, had a few problems at the beginning of the year and then a providential new start in June!

There was no Panettone this year for the first time, sorry... there just wasn't enough time or energy.

I'm gently reorganising myself with this new part-time job, which allows me to take a breath financially at last, but also to flourish in my second job as a legal counsel for a cause that's dear to me, the Ligue pulmonaire vaudoise.

I haven't been around much by e-mail, but I'm continuing to share my passion for sourdough with you through my workshops and private events, which, thanks to you, continue to fill up fast.

You are precious to me and your smiles at the end of the workshops give me wings every time.

So a big THANK YOU to you for your luminous presence once again this year.

I wish you a happy festive season and look forward to seeing you in 2024🎄.

Take care,
for Your Own Bread

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